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After seeing and shooting thousands of different target presentations over the course of his career David has also designed many different courses over all different types of terrain and backgrounds. He has learned how to keep the targets close and slow utilizing the lay of the land or the trees and bushes to create fun and interesting target presentations. He says that fun targets are ones that you can see; too often we see targets that are meant to be a challenge and the only reason they are is because they are far and fast. David says that well set targets should give all shooters plenty of time to visually lock onto the target and create a strategy on how to break them, there should be several good places to shoot a target during its flight path. This way everyone has an opportunity, young or old to beginner or master.

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Fun Shoot at the Park - City of Polo, Missouri
Brush Creek Hunting Preserve - Mayview, Missouri - Monthly registered targets
Bird Fever Hunting Preserve -
Richmond, Missouri - Sporting clays course design
Malimor Hunting Club -
Troy, Missouri - Boy Scout Executive Sporting Clay Tournament
Pin Oak Hill
Chillicothe, Missouri - Five Stand event Missouri State Sporting Clay Championship
Camp Gieger -
St. Joseph, Missouri - Sporting clays course and 5-stand for the Boy Scouts, Pony Express Council


Powder Creek - Lenexa, Kansas - Fall Classic Sporting Clays Tournament
Camp Naish - Bonner Springs, Kansas - Annual fall sporting clays course for the Heart of America Boy Scout Council


Haag Engineering Firms - Crawford, Texas - Provided a 5-stand sporting clays for their annual dove hunt
Baylor University - Waco, Texas - Set up a 10 station sporting clays


Sumac Sporting Clays - Homer, Nebraska - Nebraska State Sporting Clays State Association Championship


Crockett Ridge Clays - Ackley, Iowa - Iowa State Sporting Clays Championship

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